Snow Days

So, I had every intention of writing a lot last week, and then things sort of fell apart.   On Monday Nick took us out to eat, and just as we were starting, Thing Two fell and hit his head.  So we spent the rest of the day in ER just to make sure there was nothing wrong with him.  Turned out he was fine.  After that, I was sick every other day, so I had much trouble getting up and doing things.  Like cooking, and cleaning.  On the up side though, Thing One has moved on to a new phase in potty training, and it's becoming easier! 

On Saturday we went out and spent a little of the tax money that came in; we all got new toys!  The boys got a set of one-inch Thomas the Tank Engine trains, play mat and storybook.  They've got the Thomas bug in a bad way!  I got a set of watercolors, with tutorial book, watercolor pad and watercolor pencils.  (Last year my Lenten resolutions included completing two watercolors and eating more rice).  I intend to be more productive, in a creative and healthy way, this lent than I am now.  And Nick got a Glock17.  He took his brother to the shooting range for his brother's birthday, and they had much fun with the Glock. 

It snowed on Sunday; it was supposed to be a really big storm dumping snow all over the eastern US.  Apparently it only hit us.  But in twelve hours we got between six and eight inches of snow!  Thing One loved it, and played outside with his youngest aunt until his fingers were blue.  But Grandpa had lit a fire, so coming inside was fun, too. 

I took the boys outside today to play in the snow again, now that it's not still snowing and it's no longer eight inches deep.  It's now barely two inches!  Thing One got stuck climbing a snowbank, and Thing Two discovered he's afraid of snow.  So they played in the puddles instead.  Oh well, at least they had fun; and we made cocoa when we came inside. 

Thing One just ran up to me and very seriously asked, "Mommy, should I take a bath?"  I don't see why not.  And someone please remind me to look for the pictures of the cake I made for Nick's birthday--I want to share that one with you.