Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Fun

There is a man who lives just up the road from us (actually, he's on the next road over, but directly behind the lady across the street--her daddy used to own the whole mountain and someone should chronicle the stories that she can tell), and last year he stopped by and gave us some pumpkins. He said that he worked in two 80-acre pumpkin fields, and went around delivering extra pumpkins to everyone. The kids named him The Pumpkin Man. 

This year he came back. The kids recognized him as soon as he climbed out of his car, and they ran to him yelling with excitement. I was pleasently surprised that after only meeting us once last year he remembered all of them. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fad Diets and Life Hacks: Part 1

In my opinion there are two types of people who take up "Fad Diets," the ones who do it for the fashion and the ones who do it as a health neccessity.  I try not to judge others, but since all of the diet changes I have made have been for my health I do sometimes get upset at the fashion dieters. Although, I suppose I should thank them, because without making it a fad I wouldn't have found half of the things I did.

Smoothies, for instance. I wrote a post about them when I started drinking them (and I really want to copy it here for you, but we'll have to find a loophole or something). It was when I was pregnant with Ellie the Adorable that I first took notice of the smoothie craze. I was supplementing my diet with an off-brand of the Ensure nutritional drink (this is not to be taken as endorsment), and that got expensive rather fast. So I naturally looked for an alternative that I could make at home. Thus it happened that I entered the Realm of Smoothie. (And if I can ever get the original post for you then I'll be able to give you the links for the original recipes). 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Princess Ellie and the Eats

I happen to think that our youngest daughter is the cutest thing in the world. I mean, they are all cute, and were more so at her age, but there is something about her that seems to be a little different. Maybe she had a sparkle in her eye that her siblings didn't get, or something. In her own quiet way she is going to be just as much trouble as any of them. But here is a run-down of her summer, from her first birthday to our first pumpkin (there are a lot of firsts). 

Her birthday giraffe, and probably her first waffle. 

I figured it was her birthday, she could have some whipped 
topping right from the can.

It was empty. She rescued it and tried to get every last puff.

A wonderful little pizza shop/free library up the road. If any of
y'all come to visit you need to stop there!

Working lunch with Daddy. 

Not that she has a sweet tooth or anything. 

Our first popscicles of the year, a blend of yogurt and 
strawberries, made in ice cube trays. 

On a visit to Granny and Pappy's house we had the chance
to go strawberry picking. The kids probably ate as 
many as we brought home. 

Her first piece of bacon. 

I did not enhance this in any way, her eyes are really that blue. 

Nick had his tonsils out, and was supposed to eat lots of soft foods. The 
kids were all thrilled to finally have a reason for pudding. 

Dual wielding pizza crusts. 

First taste of nori. She had to fight the other three off
so that she could eat all of hers. 

I wouldn't let her carve a pumpkin with everyone, so she sat with the
adventure kitty, just looking at the world.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Gluten Free Foraging

This week had been rough, and I'm behind on all of my work. It's been hard enough to get up off of the couch, much less get dishes and laundry done. All thoughts of figuring out recipes and blogging them has been out the window. This baby is sitting on my sciatic nerve and the physical pain is exhausting. And yet, inspite of all of that we did manage to work on the recipe I've been developing, and here I am writing.

This recipe was first handed to me in the form of a cookie, via facebook, from my sister. She claims that her entire family ate almost the whole batch. I took a look at the article and thought that if it worked I would be making them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But I didn't read her post, just the recipe. Probably not the best way to go about it (After making it for three weeks I just found out that you really don't need to add flour no matter how runny it looks. More on that below).

I don't buy almond butter cause it costs and arm and a leg (and would be prohibited the terms of this blog), but I do everything with peanut butter and can't live without it. I had run out of maple syrup (I like to use it in my granola and it's a little cheaper than honey), but Nick had just bought some brown sugar. I hate chopped walnuts in anything and never have them, and cranberries are a special "mommy treat" that I only buy a few times a year. Otherwise I had everything I needed.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Summer Fun

This post is mostly just a test to see how easily I can navigate Blogger on my phone, and about transferring pictures. Not all of these are recent, and most of you have probably seen them before. But these are some of my favorites from the summer, and I'll share them again. 

Our little slice of the earth. We have grand plans for
building a house, and an orchard, and, and, and.

Our wonderful priest (who is now retired) would let the boys come and serve daily mass
whenever they wanted, even though they are still too young.  He also met
Jimmy Durante when he was a seminarian. 

Maximus teaching Minimus to ride his bike. Minimus is not ready, but they keep trying.  

Daddy and Maximus "lawning the grass." 

Thingus Maximus, Thingus Minimus, and Mimi the Cute. The royal
princes were off to slay dragons and bad guys, and the princess
followed wih her bottle of juice from the fire-berries of the sun.

Half-way done cooking bun #5. So far as we know we are not having twins.
Baby is due after the new year, and we're not finding out the sex. 

Living room picnic for pizza night. 

Ellie loves kale chips; and she loves being independent.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello Again!

Well, hello again. It's been a while since I've written anything; we've had quiet a few busy years. I know that we said we were transfering to a new domain, and that didnt go as planned.  But now I finally feel like writing again. And we still have this blog. So. . . . You get to have more of my ramblings, photos, and recipes. And I'm still working on pulling together a cookbook of all of the favorite recipes, so please comment and let me know what you'd like to see in a book!

There will be more picutes when I figure out how
get them off my phone. 

When we left I think Mimi the Cute was just over a year, and Nick had written a short story involving her and her brothers, Thingus Maximus and Thingus Minimus. In the interm we have bought our very own castle and gardens, gotten an adventure kitty for the boys to take hunting, added the princess Ellie the Adorable, and are awaiting the arrival of a fifth royal child.

There have been literary endevors, culminating so far in Nick's first full length novel (find it here ). There have been health issues, involving midnight ER trips with all the kids in tow, and leading us into the relm of gluten free cooking. There has been a first lost tooth, first bikes (and first removing training wheels), Sunday School, gymnastics, first grade, and bunk beds.

And there are many, many more plans and ideas in the works. There are rumors of kittens, more books (Thingus Maximus is even working on story), and a gluten free chocolate zucinni cupcake recipe!

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to write, there are ongoing health issues on top of the pregnancy that are making it hard to get things done. Also, be patient with us as some of the side-bar things are outdated, we will get them fixed as soon as we can. And I will try to write down my thoughts, and share them.